More than five years have passed since we found ourselves sitting in this old, run-down factory building with only a couple of instruments, our passion for music and a dream – this is when the journey of Gracenotes began. It’s incredible how fast time goes by, and we probably can’t even count all the great memories we’ve collected and now share as a band.

But we don’t want to talk too much about the past, let’s talk about what is important right now: This moment, and the moments we’ll share, you and us. It starts all too simple. You wake up in the morning and start to whistle a melody that’s been stuck in your head. The song comes up on the radio and you start to drum the rhythm with your fingers on the steering wheel while driving to work. You start to sing along as the chorus kicks in. The lyrics define how you feel today, they might even define who you are. Music is passion, music is life – and it is everywhere you go.

From the day we founded Gracenotes, our love for folk music grew day by day, and it still does. Whether it is Irish or American Folk, Celtic Punk, Country or Bluegrass, we are passionate about every aspect this kind of sound has to offer, and we love nothing more than sharing this passion with you. Come and join us at one of our shows, listen to our songs on Spotify or hit us with a message on Facebook, Instagram or our homepage. Let’s celebrate our love for music together and make this time, this moment we share unique!